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The UIL OAP handbook identifies approved publishers. Those publishers are Samuel French, Anchorage Press, Dramatic Publishing, Dramatists Play Services, I.E. Clark, and Baker's Plays. You may find links to these publishers on the links page.

The handbook also provides a list of "approved" plays. Plays on this list may be performed without further consent from the state office (though all other contest rules must be followed). In order to perform a play not on this approved list, the director must submit a copy of the play (and a reading fee) to the state office for approval. This process can be lengthy and should be started early in the fall.

The approved list is broken into two sections: long plays and short plays. Short plays can generally be performed as written within the 40-minute time constraints of the contest. Long plays, however, will have to be "cut" by the director. You should refer to the OAP Handbook for complete information on cutting a play.

Provided here is information about the approved list of short plays. The files below contain synopses, casting requirements, publisher, and royalty information for most of the approved short plays. By reviewing these lists you may be able to narrow your search for a play.

Short Play Summaries:
This site is NOT an official information source. This information may be outdated, misinterpreted, or flat-out wrong. You should base all of your OAP decisions on the UIL OAP Handbook, UIL Constitution & Contest Rules, or direct communication with the OAP office.