Set Design
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The Texas UIL One-Act Play competition encourages any set design to be based on the "unit set," a collection of generic set pieces which can be used to crea a variety of sets, yet be uniform at every contest location.

The elements of the unit set are as follows:

UIL requires that each set be painted a medium grey.

As a director, you can design your set layout with miniature models of the unit set. These models are available commercially from $30 to $60, depending upon the source and the quality. You can also create a model set from paper. The Adobe Acrobat pdf files below contain templates which can be cut out, folded, and glued (or taped) to create a set model.

  • pylons.pdf - contains one 4' pylon, one 6' pylon, and one 8'pylon
  • cubes.pdf - contains two 1' acting cubes, one 2' step unit, and one 4' x 4' platform
  • ramp.pdf - contains one 4' x 4' ramp and one 4' step unit
  • platform.pdf - contains one 4' x 8' platform
  • flats.pdf - contains one bi-fold flat and one tri-fold flat
These pdf files are the copywritten creation of D. Johnston. They may be reproduced for non-profit use. Any redistribution or modification requires permission. Sale is prohibited.
This site is NOT an official information source. This information may be outdated, misinterpreted, or flat-out wrong. You should base all of your OAP decisions on the UIL OAP Handbook, UIL Constitution & Contest Rules, or direct communication with the OAP office.